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3 Ways To Make Your Company More Valuable Than Your Industry Peers

Do you want to make your company more valuable?  Especially if you can say yes to these three aspects of value.  I think they are really important to SME business owners like you and me: making good profits to fund growth, an income for you plus put money away in a pension or building; not […]

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How many people can one person manage?

You are the owner of your business. How many people do you manage? How many people should you manage? Harvard Business Review estimates the ideal range for an experienced manager is between five and nine direct reports. Inc. puts the sweet spot at seven. The ratio of managers to direct reports matters because it explains why some small […]

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Consistent output from standard operating procedures

Run Your Business with Standard Operating Procedures

How well does your company run when you don’t show up for work? Use Standard Operating Procedures?   The answer to this question has a significant impact on the value of your business. Suppose your company could survive your absence for a while. In that case, you will score well on something referred to as […]

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Outside In Management

I’m Still Here!

I know it’s been a while since I last communicated with you, but I’m still here!  I’ve still been working with business owners, both direct and through the mastermind group. My mission remains the same; to give business owners a better business – one they can enjoy and get a good life from. I’ve also been working on […]

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Built To Sell Reading Challenge

Andrew Park of Swan Energy first introduced me to Built to Sell written by John Warrillow. It’s an INC. best seller, rates highly on Amazon and is one of the best business books I’ve read. I ended up meeting John as I learned more about the Value Builder System that evolved out of the book. […]

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business owner reflection

Reflecting On The Change I’ve Seen In Business Owners

It’s almost a year since COVID entered our day-to-day life. I seem to remember the first things we heard was news about things happening in China back in January. But did we know what lay before us? I think at the end of January / start of February I had just got back from a […]

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business owners webinar

How Business Owners Are Building Thriving Businesses – Even In These Times!

As a business owner you might have had a few setbacks over this last couple of years but there are owners out there that are building thriving businesses…even in these times! Would you like to be one of those business owners? We completed an analysis of 10,000 business owners during this Covid pandemic and discovered […]

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solid business; manage people

9 Principles Of Solid Businesses – 7. Sell A Few Things To Many

Why did you start your business? Business owners start their businesses for a whole host of reasons. I have come across people who have started their business when they: thought they could do better on their own, rather than stay with their employer; were made redundant and rather than go back into employment they took […]

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