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More Sales, Less People Hassle, Better Organisation

You’ve been in business a few years now, though it might feel like a lifetime on those frustrating days. You’ve got employees working for you. Isn’t recruiting staff a real nightmare – finding good people who seem to know what to do and have the common sense to think for themselves is a real tough job. 

You might even have a management team in place. Or at least some senior people who you can delegate to and leave to run some parts of the business without you having to do everything.

You’re probably still doing some of the sales work because you’ve known the clients longer, you know the market and the products better. Plus, the hardest recruitment is finding good sales people.

I suspect you hope that the business will give you a great income to enjoy life and family time. And, sometime in the future, you can maybe sell it to create a lump sum to go into your pension. But that’s too far in the future and you have today’s issues to sort out. Anyway, who would buy your business when it relies so much on you?

I know some of the pain you have. I ran a £2m trading business for several years. The people issues and sales issues were just the same as you are suffering.

  • Pulled In Different Directions
  • Nobody To Delegate To
  • Hard To Recruit Good Staff
  • Always Firefighting
  • What solved these problems for me, and what will work for you?

    A systematic approach

    We’ll work through a proven process designed to make your business run without relying on you. It will become more valuable in doing so. 

    Perspective, feedback and accountability

    You can’t see the whole picture from inside the business. Part of my role is to provide an outside perspective and challenge. That can be a blend of individual coaching and peer coaching groups with like-minded businesspeople – called masterminds.

    I can offer you a mix of either virtual or face-to-face for coaching and the mastermind work.

    The Mastermind Group

    The mastermind group is for you and your business, designed to build your business into a valuable asset. I run it with Paul Simpson, an entrepreneur skilled in Sales and Marketing. We call it the To Be Honest (TBH) mastermind group. You get:

    – Monthly 121 coaching to progress your goals. Focus time with Peter and Paul, coaching, mentoring, working on your business to achieve your goals, handling the challenges of running and growing your business.

    – Monthly meetings with a group of up to 10 peers who will help you resolve issues and exploit challenges. We also have a learning element in each group meeting covering relevant topics from sales, marketing, generating more leads, your team, and of course, strategy.

    – Coach on call: we are available should something arise in your business. Simply call or email us and we will be there to help you.

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    Watch other mastermind members talk about their experiences:

    Read what other business owners like you say about my coaching and mastermind work:

    I’ve been using Peter for a number of years. I started my own company in 2012 and in 2013 we found the company had grown to 3 members of staff. Well that was easy enough, but then the growth kicked in at an exceptional rate. We were finding growth of 35%, which was crippling. Peters skills being outside of the daily grind of the business helped us all focus. Peter always brought us back on track keeping my main focus on the business needs.

    Peter is an exceptional coach and sounding board. Today, even through Covid-19, we are stronger as a company and now employ 20 people in the local area. I genuinely think that without Peter and his skills we would be right back in 2013 looking after a very small struggling business. Peter is very much part of our business and why we are continuing our successful journey today.

    I’m looking forward to doing more with Mint and hope Peter will stay with me on the journey. I would heartily recommend Peter as a guide to any business owner who wants to increase the value of their business and also have a life!”

    – Matt Driver, MD of Mint Support Ltd

    “I noticed that my employees were happier and enthusiastic about the business. Also, they were keen to help and liked being involved in Peter’s meetings and plans. We very quickly began to win new work looking for growth in the area we knew best and gradually working outwards from there but not trying to venture into areas where we had little experience.

    We completed a Net Promoter Score exercise with our customers. The business got a tremendous 80 plus really appreciative feedback from our clients. 

    In conclusion, I no longer struggle financially from month to month without the need for our overdraft facility. Today I enjoy the work we undertake and I have a very high-quality enthusiastic team working for me. Our turnover has doubled and we have created three new positions within the business.”

     – Chris Shaw, MD of Overview Studios Ltd

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Peter, in his capacity as our business coach, for a number of years and he continues to add value to every meeting we have. He is kind, considerate, well connected and brings accountability. I have to remind myself that Peter is our business coach as he now feels more like a friend and member of our close knit team. I can’t recommend Peter highly enough.”

    – Andrew Clayton – MD of Visible Thoughts

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