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The Importance of ‘Values’ in your Business

The importance of Values in your business: He recruited enough accountants to have a 5-a-side football team! Many years ago, a MD of a print business recruited at least 5 different accountants / book-keepers to run his finance function. These were sequential appointments for the same role. I said to the MD that the common […]

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How to get greater accountability and get more done in your business

There’s a business owner I know who was feeling stressed about their business. Specifically, it was about the team not completing their day-to-day tasks on time, or people not following through on the commitments they made. There was no accountability. Also, mistakes were made too often, and nobody was grabbing a problem and sorting it […]

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Is being the hub of your business holding you back?

  As a business owner you are the hub of the business. Seems obvious. Maybe it’s something you feel good about – the business needs you. It’s no surprise that the most common and biggest influence on the life of a business owner is how well they handle the Hub & Spoke aspect of their […]

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Why Companies are Adopting Subscription Billing Models

Volvo make their cars available on a subscription model where consumers will pay one fixed fee per month for access to a car which includes insurance and maintenance. Everything from toothbrushes to flowers are now available with subscription billing, creating recurring revenue.       Future Value comes from recurring revenue  When it comes to […]

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Scaling up your business – Part 2

In my previous blog (which you can read here) I introduced the 4 steps to scaling up your business. I then described the first two of having a scalable product (one that is teachable to your team, is of value to customers and is a repeatable purchase) and having a scalable infrastructure (Systems, processes and […]

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Scaling up your business – Part 1

I bet you every business owner you talk to is interested in growing their business. They’ll talk about business growth or scaling up their business. A business that isn’t growing is declining. But scaling up isn’t as easy in practice. When you’re a one-person business you have to do the selling and the doing plus […]

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Back to school

Back to School is time to business plan

Remember when you went back to school after the summer holidays? I remember getting new bits of uniform, exercise books (ready for the sticky-back plastic) and a new timetable. I felt I was starting the new school year with big plans and intentions, often to do better than the previous year. That newness gradually wore […]

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Summer learning

Summer holiday learning

Do summer holidays make us less efficient? Every year when I went back to school after the summer holidays I found I’d forgotten some of what I’d been taught only a few months before. Too many weeks of playing, holidaying and generally avoiding anything to do with school! There is a fair amount of research […]

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Better delegation is your route to success

You could be a better delegator If you’re constantly finding yourself disappointed in people on your team, the problem may be less about them and more about your ability to delegate effectively. Better delegation could be the route to your success. Here’s why delegation is a critical skill for any business owner. Being able to […]

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