Be a successful solo professional

More Sales, Less Hassle

You’re a solo professional. You’re an expert at your technical thing, whatever that might be – accounting, law, marketing, HR, insurance, consulting, etc. I’m like you. I am a solo professional, so I know some of the pains that you are going through. 

  • Not Enough Clients
  • Not Enough Money
  • Not Enough Time
  • Too Much Frustration
  • Sometimes it’s that you don’t have enough clients. You’re busy trying to find new ones and maybe sometimes you get too desperate and take on a bad client. When I mean bad, it might be you can’t get on with them or they have questionable ethics. Or they want you to do something that you don’t like doing or are not good at. Or they don’t pay enough. Or they are just hard work.  

    Parallel with not enough clients is often not enough money to pay for the business and make you an income you need. 

    By contradiction, with not enough clients and not enough money, you always seem to be busy. Whether it’s doing marketing and sales, which you probably hate, or it’s doing the admin for the business plus having to do the delivery work with clients – that freedom you aspired for when you left employment seems to have disappeared into long hours, not enough money and not enough clients. 

    With some targeted advice from somebody who has been there before, along with encouragement and accountability you can achieve the same results my other solo professional clients get:

    – More client and sales;

    – Less wasted time doing things that distract;

    – Increased money in your pocket;

    – More confidence in what you are doing;

    – Having an accountability partner who is there to support you.

    Some people like a one-to-one relationship with their coach. Other like the buzz of working with a group of like-minded peers – I call it a mastermind.  I can offer you a mix of either virtual or face-to-face for coaching and the mastermind work.

    Read what other solo professionals like you say about my coaching and mastermind work:

    “Peter was a great help to my business, without knowing a great deal about my line of work, he provided clear incisive advice, and helped me focus in on the area’s I needed to work on. The meetings were informal and friendly but I was amazed at how much I took away from each meeting and was impressed by Peter’s close interest in my progress throughout the process. I would not hesitate in offering my recommendations for his services!”

    – Karl Whitehead, Owner of TWH Photography



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