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You own and manage your business. It’s a big part of your life and may be the main income for your family. The business and the building you use may also be your pension.

But making the payroll run means not always taking your full salary or delaying a dividend. Yet you put most effort into growing the business, and too much of the business seems to need you – you are the hub in the wheel and everybody else are the spokes, relying on you to work. Sound familiar?

You probably want more income from the business now. You want to develop the business to run without so much of your input, creating more time for you and your family. And you want to know that your business value is growing so that it can be a pension or an investment for the future.

My mission is to give business owners a better business – one they can enjoy and get a good life from.

Coaching can get you more income, build systems and a team that can operate without you – giving you the value and freedom to live the life you want.

I work with all types of business owners at different stages of their business and that’s why I’ve got different options for working with me. To have a better business they need to:

– focus on what makes a business more valuable;

– have dedicated time to work on the business;

– have a trusted guide to advise, encourage and support them;

– mix with business peers to learn from.


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