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Accountability…When You’re The Boss

In my last blog I talked about how you, as the boss, should apply a model of accountability. That model focuses on: having clarity of expectations between you and your team regularly monitoring those expectations In this blog, I want to talk about a much trickier subject…how you, as the boss, hold yourself accountable. Accountability […]

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Accountability…Are You Doing It Right?

As I’m sure you know, I spend a lot of my time talking and working with business owners. Two of the most common words that come up in those conversations are: Structure: being more organised, people knowing their job; Accountability: staff don’t take on enough responsibility, they get away with underperforming. Accountability Is So Important […]

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As A Business Owner, Do You Resemble A Swan?

You own and manage your own business. It’s a massive part of your life. Whenever you’re socialising and meeting new people, you may tell them that you have your own business. I suspect their usual reaction is one of being impressed. You are seen as the entrepreneur, a leader, a person in charge of their […]

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Don’t Be A Typical Business Owner

If you’re anything like me, over the last couple of weeks you’ve probably received numerous emails encouraging you to make 2020 the year of growth. Of course, the senders are presuming that you’re the typical Business Owner. The messages are almost always about selling more, growing the top line and getting bigger. That’s a bigger […]

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My Single Piece Of Advice For 2020

In my earliest days training to be a Chartered Accountant (I did make it through to qualification and am now a Fellow Chartered Accountant) I did lots of company audits. The nightmare as a Junior Auditor was having to attend the stocktakes. Many were usually as close as possible to the end of December when […]

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The Great Known…You Will Exit Your Business

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed for all business owners it’s that you WILL exit your business.  This will usually either be through selling the business, winding it up, or passing it over to family for you to retire.  Either way you will exit at some point in the future. It’s important to ensure […]

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The Danger Of Being A Lifestyle Business Owner

You may or may not know if you’re a Lifestyle Business Owner, but by the end of this article you’ll be clear on whether you are, what it might mean for your future and any actions you might need to take. Remember when you got your first full-time job? Mine was when I started at […]

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julian richer

There’s A Lot To Learn From Julian Richer

I’ve seen Julian Richer’s name appear a few times recently and I got curious (he’s the guy who started Richer Sounds shops). I don’t think I have ever been in one of his shops, I’m not big into Hi-Fi and home entertainment systems. So why has he appeared in my consciousness? Two reasons come to […]

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How To ‘You-Proof’ Your Business

You may or may not be familiar with the term ‘you-proof’ but by the end of this blog I’m pretty sure you will be able to relate to it. Almost all the business owners I work with started their business on their own or with a partner. They built it from nothing and gradually added […]

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Why Cross Selling Doesn’t Increase Business Value

Business Owners are often looking to increase their business value and the most common approach is to focus on the sales figures. When trying to increase sales, many businesses decide that they need to cross sell new products or services to their existing customers. Cross selling may be a great marketing strategy, but if your […]

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