Built To Sell Reading Challenge

Andrew Park of Swan Energy first introduced me to Built to Sell written by John Warrillow.

It’s an INC. best seller, rates highly on Amazon and is one of the best business books I’ve read.

I ended up meeting John as I learned more about the Value Builder System that evolved out of the book. The book has so much learning in it that it needs to be read several times.

I found a way to speed up and improve that learning. I got together with five other business owners and we each read the book privately and then came together for a number of online calls over a month. We shared our learnings from the book, our own personal experiences and ideas that we could take into our businesses.

Those good people encouraged me to set up more groups. Hence the creation of the Built to Sell reading challenge.

Over a period of four weeks be part of a group of 6 business owners. Inside Built to Sell you’ll discover how to create a fast growing profitable and scalable business that will give you the flexibility and freedom you desire.

One book in a month, share your learning, learn from others, commit to take action, be accountable.

Next challenge starts 21st of May. Sign up here

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