The Great Known…You Will Exit Your Business

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The Great Known…You Will Exit Your Business

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed for all business owners it’s that you WILL exit your business.  This will usually either be through selling the business, winding it up, or passing it over to family for you to retire.  Either way you will exit at some point in the future. It’s important to ensure […]

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The Danger Of Being A Lifestyle Business Owner

You may or may not know if you’re a Lifestyle Business Owner, but by the end of this article you’ll be clear on whether you are, what it might mean for your future and any actions you might need to take. Remember when you got your first full-time job? Mine was when I started at […]

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Exit Strategy

The Perfect Exit Strategy

You might’ve thought about your exit strategy from your business.  But have you thought about what the perfect exit strategy would really look like to you? For Philip Williams, past partner at hydroGEOPHYSICS, his exit strategy was about being approached by Schlumberger with a generous offer to purchase his geophysics consulting company. Philip and his […]

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