How to get greater accountability to get things done in your business

Case Studies

The Importance of ‘Values’ in your Business

The importance of Values in your business: He recruited enough accountants to have a 5-a-side football team! Many years ago, a MD of a print business recruited at least 5 different accountants / book-keepers to run his finance function. These were sequential appointments for the same role. I said to the MD that the common […]

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How to get greater accountability and get more done in your business

There’s a business owner I know who was feeling stressed about their business. Specifically, it was about the team not completing their day-to-day tasks on time, or people not following through on the commitments they made. There was no accountability. Also, mistakes were made too often, and nobody was grabbing a problem and sorting it […]

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Is being the hub of your business holding you back?

  As a business owner you are the hub of the business. Seems obvious. Maybe it’s something you feel good about – the business needs you. It’s no surprise that the most common and biggest influence on the life of a business owner is how well they handle the Hub & Spoke aspect of their […]

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Why Companies are Adopting Subscription Billing Models

Volvo make their cars available on a subscription model where consumers will pay one fixed fee per month for access to a car which includes insurance and maintenance. Everything from toothbrushes to flowers are now available with subscription billing, creating recurring revenue.       Future Value comes from recurring revenue  When it comes to […]

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Scaling up your business – Part 2

In my previous blog (which you can read here) I introduced the 4 steps to scaling up your business. I then described the first two of having a scalable product (one that is teachable to your team, is of value to customers and is a repeatable purchase) and having a scalable infrastructure (Systems, processes and […]

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own your product

9 Principles Of Solid Businesses – 3. Own Your Product

Why did you start your business? Business owners start their businesses for a whole host of reasons. I have come across people who have started their business when they: thought they could do better on their own, rather than stay with their employer; were made redundant and rather than go back into employment they took […]

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