Is Your Business As Focused As It Could Be?

Lack of focus can mean your business isn’t as profitable as you want and you might not even realise it….


Following on from my previous blog about getting clarity in your business, we need to look at the next discipline…focus!

The subject of focus in businesses seems to have two extremes:

  • Having no focus or priorities so letting the world set your agenda, or;
  • Having so many priorities, initiatives or ideas that none of them have a priority.
This latter extreme has been described as Organisational Attention Deficit Disorder and incurs a real cost including:
  • Draining the workforce of energy and attention to detail as they jump from one initiative to another;
  • Delaying the delivery of all initiatives as people and teams switch their focus and attention;
  • Reducing quality of effort.

All of which ultimately mean your business might not be as profitable as it could be, due to lack of focus.

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