Does Your Business Need A More Disciplined Approach?

Have you got the right disciplines in place to execute your objectives…

My 2 previous blogs talked about focus and clarity. The next discipline that you need in your business is…discipline!

For clarity I do not mean punishment or any other forms of controlling a workforce!

Discipline in outstanding organisations is a deliberate practice repeatedly performed. So, this means planning, having standard approaches to doing things, learning from mistakes and improving how things get done.

You could be mistaken that a disciplined approach equates to being told what to do, removing scope for innovation and creative freedom. Here is the counter-intuitive truth, by having discipline in how you do work, you create the freedom to be innovative.

Once you have established the required disciplines they will also become a habit for you and your team. They might not happen overnight but once you have your team on board, it won’t be such a hard task.

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