What I Do

Introducing the Value Builder System

Making a business work better and be more valuable needs a systematic approach that is proven to work.  I use The Value Builder System to give you a comprehensive assessment of your business, help your company to grow, and help you to achieve your personal goals. The System has been proven to increase the value of a business by up to 71%.


Check your Value Builder score across the eight drivers that can make your business 71% more valuable.


Use the results to plan where you want your business to be, and to get focused on what is important.


Take action. Use the system, and monthly accountability meetings, to increase the value of your business.


Having a successful business that is an asset gives you choices for the future, and a more enjoyable life.


Increase your Value Builder score to 80 and make your business more valuable in the short and long term.


Have a business that can run itself. Escape the owner’s trap, and have more time for yourself and your


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