Why You Should Involve Your Team In Decision Making

team decision making

Most businesses don’t involve their teams in decision building, they go about their plans without communicating with the people at the coalface of their business.

A great way to get the best out of your team is to involve them in decision making. Don’t stop reading! I know it might sound scary but once you understand why you need to do it and the best ways to go about it, it won’t be that scary at all. I don’t mean making decisions about who controls the business in terms of setting pay scales, hiring and firing or confidential matters. What I do mean is making decisions on day to day matters.

Your team is at the heart of your business. They’re usually the ones that are dealing with your customers on a daily basis as well as knowing how internal processes work like the back of their hand. They know what customers really think of your products and services and they will undoubtedly have their own opinions on many areas of the business and it’s processes.

So it makes perfect sense that, to make improvements in your business, your team should be involved in some of the decision making.

This may be a bit of a cultural shock to the business, so the best way to ease them in to it is to hold Business Improvement Workshops (also known as Kaizen events from their development at Toyota). What should come out of this will be lots of positive as well as negative ideas. This is what you will build on to improve any issues within your business.

As a first step to making these positive changes, we’ve created a short assessment for you to do to identify which areas of your business need improvement.  It is a multiple choice questionnaire and you will receive a full detailed report upon completion.  Click to take the assessment.

This report will set you in good stead to identifying any problem areas within the business before you hold any of the Business Improvement Workshops mentioned earlier in this blog.  These 2 actions will be a massive step forward to getting the most out of your team to drive business growth.


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