How I Work

Collaborating to Improve your Business

I follow 4 disciplines in my relationship with business owners and how we work. Research by Karen Martin, a leading US change management expert, shows that outstanding organisations adopt four disciplines to keep them at the top of their game:

  1. Having clarity about what they are about
  2. Being super focused on what they are doing and avoiding distraction;
  3. Being disciplined about how the work gets done and who does it;
  4. Engaging the whole workforce in the first three disciplines.

I totally agree with her findings and apply the 4 disciplines when:

We work together, e.g. I encourage clarity about what we are looking to achieve together;  We focus on what we agree to do; I help us be disciplined about meeting dates and agendas; I adopt an engaging and empathetic style of working together.

You take these disciplines into your business, e.g. having clarity about business strategy and direction so that all the business is working off the same page; focusing on what is important in achieving the business goals and avoiding distraction from too many priorities; using disciplined ways of working such as daily management meetings, visual management and standard processes; involving all the business in making the first three disciplines work properly.

‘If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both’ – Native American saying



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