How Business Owners Are Building Thriving Businesses – Even In These Times!

As a business owner you might have had a few setbacks over this last couple of years but there are owners out there that are building thriving businesses…even in these times!

Would you like to be one of those business owners?

We completed an analysis of 10,000 business owners during this Covid pandemic and discovered five important changes in the way owners are planning for their future and building their business.

Because I understand that so many of you are passionate about growing your business, I’ve decided to hold a webinar to show you how you can be one of those business owners that are building a thriving business.  I’ll be joined by Martin Allison – serial investor, non-executive director and chartered banker. During the Covid pandemic Martin has been buying and selling businesses plus investing his time on those that have growth potential.

By joining the webinar you’ll discover:

  • The surprising shift in who business owners now intend to sell their companies
  • The unexpected change in how owners now define success
  • The remarkable impact COVID has had on the owner’s timetable for exit
  • A simple calculation you can use to calculate the value you need your business to achieve choices for the future – your Freedom Point
  • How you can work with other owners to exploit the Value Builder System to achieve your Freedom Point

Plus, all event attendees will receive:

The Art Of Selling Your Business

  • A copy of the newly published, highly recommended The Art Of Selling Your Business – Winning Strategies & Secret Hacks;
  • A report of how well their business compares to other SMEs;
  • A 121 meeting to learn what you can do to make your business thrive

Act Now to ensure your business reaches its full potential…even in these times!

Book your place here and discover what you need to do to build a thriving business.

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